I'm no cinematographer, but I can crank out good video content with very few resources. It's amazing what a tripod, writing skills, Adobe experience and YouTube videos can help you achieve with some determination...

Touchtown, Community Apps Video

This video was created to be used in App Stores and for sales enablement. The main function of the video is to show how it belongs in the every day lives of the end user and its ease of navigation as a tech tool for an older audience. 

Pittsburgh 100, Familiar Boundaries. Infinite Possibilities. Exhibit Tour

I created 20 videos in under 8 months of working with PR agency WordWrite on their Pittsburgh 100 publication. Videos included interviews, explainers, tours and more. This one is my favorite. The publication won a Pittsburgh PRSA Renaissance Award for the year I was contributing videos.

WordWrite, Agency of Story

This is a super fun promotional video I made for the team at WordWrite to introduce their new brand and reintroduce their values as the agency of story & collaboration.

Touchtown, Four Feature Friday 50th Edition

To celebrate the 50th edition of Touchtown's weekly resource newsletter, I wrote a rendition of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" with references to all 49 stories previously shared in the newsletter. The result is a music video showing the newsletter's values and the team's enthusiasm. | thanks for being here :-)

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